The Clocking In Machine!

The Clocking In Machine

Clock in and out from anywhere and capture data into a single place that will easily allow you to calculate the number of hours worked, overtime and export for payroll.

Monitor employee attendance, holiday, sickness or other type of absence.

Authenticate with or without biometric readers – we have some inventive ways of determining accurate employee attendance.

Designed to work in any type of business, whether you have multiple offices or retail outlets, are trying to manage temporary staff across sites, or have a single location.


So how does it work…


The software is designed to be used with a FileMaker Server hosting the database, the biometric reader will authentic each individual who are assigned a clocking in reference, alternatively it can be used without the reader and take GPS or IP references for remote workers.

–       Easily calculate employee hours and overtime

–       Work with standard hours, or complex shift plans

–       Summarise hours by day, week or month by employee

–       Submit and respond to holiday requests

–       Analysis remaining holiday

–       Monitor absences, holiday, sickness or other absences

–       Send employees memo’s, company wide, by department or to individuals

–       View holiday calendar company wide or by department

–       Export reports for payroll or other analysis

In fact it is more than just clocking in and out, it’s a human resources tool.

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