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Single User copies run as a stand alone application.

Multi User Solutions are FileMaker Pro based databases and require FileMaker Pro on each computer using the system. It is recommended that more than 5 users also run FileMaker Server. Purchase of this product can be arranged on your behalf, please email us if you have any queries about the technical setup of your solution.

Current FileMaker prices can be found on  and clicking on the purchase button.

We do not bundle FileMaker Pro in with our solution as this would inflate the cost of our database and you only need to purchase the Multi-User version once irrespective of how many users you will have using the system.

About FileMaker Pro

The FileMaker® Platform is a suite of tools used to easily build flexible database solutions for rapid deployment on Windows and Mac, and to extend them to the Web. FileMaker-based solutions are used today by millions of people in the business, education, non-profit and government sectors to create intuitive applications very quickly.

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