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The FileMaker® Workplace Innovation Platform is a suite of tools used to easily build flexible database solutions for rapid deployment on Windows and Mac, and to extend them to the Web and mobile devices. FileMaker-based solutions are used today by millions of people in the business, education, non-profit and government sectors to create intuitive applications very quickly, the problem solver’s, problem solver. It is the World’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform as it has always been about solving problems at work, however and wherever the end user chooses to work.

Small Business White Paper

Problem solver
A problem solver is someone who applies imagination, creativity, and innovation. Problem solvers are everywhere, can have any job title, and be at any level within an organization. We believe problem solvers are smart, persistent individuals who can see and understand a unique problem and imagine the solution.

Workplace Innovation Platform
A Workplace Innovation Platform empowers problem solvers to create, share, and integrate custom apps to address their ever-changing business challenges. It enables teams to:

  • Escape the work rut. It helps teams of a few to a few hundred escape the work rut.
  • Bridge the gap. It bridges the gap between appliance apps and enterprise systems.
  • Innovate. It unleashes your ideas and your expertise to innovate your workplace.

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