Welcome to Data Artistry

Data Artistry specialise in Small Business Solutions, offering a variety of off-the-shelf products that are simple to use.

How many times have you thought: “What a complete waste of time.” You know … when you repeatedly type the same information into the same forms you have done a thousand times before?

Now think about what you could be doing in the time you spend on these laborious, dull tasks. How much more efficient and effective your time could be spent. Well, there is a simple solution – which may not be all that interesting… except to your bottom line. Our low-cost administration solutions can automate all those time-consuming chores of day-to-day business admin – leaving you time to work on the creative, profitable side of your business.

And when we say low-cost, we mean just £60 (inc.VAT) for a single user!

As we’re in the business of saving your business time and money, I won’t delay you any longer, but why not visit our download page for our FREE fully functional demo and full product details of all our small business solutions.

All you’ve got to lose are the boring bits!

If you can’t find any small business solutions that suits you, contact us directly and we will either customise an existing admin product, or create something bespoke for you. At Data Artistry, we offer good customer support, but most of all we are interested in your business!   Small Business Solutions from Data Artistry, built with FileMaker Pro.

Data Artistry Ltd is a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.