Our Clients


The Referencing Service – referencingservice.com

“Delighted with your work on the development of the Referencing Service systems and its ongoing upgrades. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Data Artistry” Craig Liebman – Director Referencing Service


Solopress – Solopress.com

“Our FileMaker Job Management Information system [MIS] is amazing! It’s the engine that keeps our 24-hour turnaround printing business running smoothly and efficiently. FileMaker’s flexibility allows us implement any changes right away. As Solopress.com continues to grow, we can always rely on FileMaker to quickly adapt to our new ideas and requirements.”
Emma Campbell, Solopress.com

“Our whole business is run from FileMaker, and without it we couldn’t function. It took our people a bit of time to get used to it but now it is established, we would never go anywhere else. We think we have the best database for our requirements.” says Adam Wilson-Bowen, Operations Manager, Solopress

Read more about the solution Data Artistry built as it was featured on the FileMaker website Solopress.com Customer Story


Media 10 – www.media-ten.com

Media 10 are the company behind the organising of the Grand Designs and Ideal Home exhibitions to mention but two of the major events that they organise. In addition they have a solution for the production management of the related magazine titles.
“FileMaker is the hub of information for everybody. It does so much. It’s an absolute godsend. I used to spend forever opening dozens of files and importing things into spreadsheets. Now I just click a button. It’s made my life so much easier.”
Emily Tyson – Exhibitions Production Manager

Read more about this solution as it was featured on the FileMaker.co.uk website Media 10 Customer Story


SJ Berwin – www.sjberwin.com

“We needed a powerful tool to manage our entire workflow. One that could be accessed by PCs in marketing operations, while allowing our Mac-using creatives to input briefs onto the system, track and update the progress of each job, and gain full visibility of their workload and deadlines. StudioAdmin with FileMaker’s cross platform compatibility provided the solution we had been looking for!”
Alison Jesset – Marketing Operations Manager

Read more about this solution as it was featured on the FileMaker.co.uk website SJ Berwin Customer Story
StorePoint was the direct customer for this project.


Algarve Removals – www.algarveremovals.com

“still very pleased with the system and its paying off at the moment as we are so busy”  John Scott – Managing Director


Zinc Advertising – www.zincadvertising.com

“We have been using StudioAdmin for four years and it makes life so much easier. Why play around with Office products when this is so much better.”
Ian McArthur – Managing Director


Positive Media – www.positivemediamarketing.co.uk

“our system has allowed me to keep track of vital commission payments, money that was not accounted for until we started keeping proper records”
Simon Grant – Managing Director


Software Man – www.softwareman.co.uk

“we love the system, it means that we can concentrate on the business of selling with an easy paper trail so we can efficiently process and deliver orders.”
Simon Mead – Managing Director


Printflow Communications – www.pfcomms.com

“[PrintAdmin is a] great system that we are now totally reliant on for job management. We all work as a team from the sales staff through to the accounts department and without PrintAdmin this would not be possible”
Lisa Wyatt – Business Development Manager


Voyage – www.bebrave.biz

“we purchased StudioAdmin in 2004, we have grown as a company but this software still works hard for us, wouldn’t be without it!”
Jules James – Managing Director


Crayfish – www.crayfishcreative.co.uk

“we have been working with PrintAdmin for years, it has evolved alongside our needs. There is no way we could have the throughput of work without an efficient admin process.”
Robert Gaddy – Managing Director